A Holistic Approach To Mental Health And Community Wellness Dedicated To Empowering Individuals On Their Journey To Balance, Resilience, And Inner


Founder & CEO
Nayab Zafar Dehraj

Nayab is an educator and Psychotherapist and accredited EMDR practitioner. She is keen on promoting ethical and inclusive mental health services in Pakistan. Nayab has a passion for working with young adults as they transition into new chapters in their lives. She offers her clients a space to feel heard, understood and accepted. She supports individuals with Self Harm, Suicide, Childhood Trauma, Life transitions, Depression, Guilt, Abuse, Anxiety, and Self-esteem.

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Co - Founder
Duaa Zafar Dehraj

Duaa is an experienced management professional and entrepreneur with a background in psychology, management and a demonstrated track record of driving organizational success. Skilled in conducting thorough business analysis, ensuring scalable strategy compliance, and developing multiple revenue streams. Successfully onboarded 50+ therapists, 10k + clients and improved SOPs for ethical mental health practice and operational efficiency.

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These workshops have a limited number of seats (8-10) as our main focus is to provide quality attention and information that can be a beneficial resource alongside therapy and just a small token fee is charged for registration


Nabila Padaniya

I love the atmosphere at HOP apart from the panel. It's so calm and welcoming, which I believe is the first thing anyone observes while entering the facility. The people on board are extremely professional and the impact HOP is making on a large scale is impressive. Not just helping individuals, but also creating awareness on a larger scale. Good job!

Absar Ahmed Farooqui

We live in a world where mental health is considered to be a taboo.House of Pebbels is doing a wonderful and amazing job to change that paradigm. Amazing place to have a great experience regarding mental health issues.They have qualified team and very supportive management.Ambient environment is also available there to give you a sense of serenity.

Warda Saleem

Extremely professional psychologist, who would be constantly helping you in evevry area of your life. Highly recommended.

Zanib Ali

Calm and soothing atmosphere, just how a therapeutic space should be like!! Glad to have such excellent facility in the center of the city.

Urooj Nisar

A wonderful place with a peaceful environment, providing best mental health services in Karachi.

Tabassum Waris

Excellent work... team is amazing The environment and the concept is very impressing

Hammed A

Nice Therapy center , professional working stuff ☺️😊☺️



Find us now in two key locations in Karachi:

Main Branch :
 House no 189R, First Floor, Block 2, PECHS, Karachi, Pakistan

DHA Branch: 201, 2nd floor, Building 25-C, Lane 4, Al Murtaza Commercial, DHA Phase 8 Karachi

Contact us for your appointments:

021 3722 4371, +92 336 9013467

Yes, we do provide online therapy

House of pebbles Clinic: (021) 37224371 (11-5pm)

Official WhatsApp: 03369013467 (9am-6pm)

Email: info@thehouseofpebbles.com

Please note that our customer representative typically reply within 24 hours.

The session cost varies according to the experience and expertise of the therapists and starts from 2500/-(PKR).

You can also try 15 min FREE on call Consultation before appointment.

Two of our Therapists will contact you within 24-48hrs.

You can talk to both for free consultation and decide which therapist you want to start your therapy with ✨


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